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When compassion takes the form of passion it gives birth to a great idea. MOM organics is a perfect example of the same.

It is a well-proven fact that it is high time now to avoid the usage of chemicals in farming. Realizing the gravity of the present situation i.e., the ill effects of using chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides on the soil, nature, and mankind, Mr. Ashwin Sagar came up with a solution in this regard by setting up MOM Organics. He is a highly successful entrepreneur. He was the director and the force behind the famous Jewellery brand ‘Manubhai Fine Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.’

He specifically focused on the area of ‘Organic Farming Products’ through which our soil can be saved and further problems can be avoided. MOM organics has taken the first step with chemical-free fertilizers and compost. Currently, with a range of 8 products, MOM Organics is helping farmers to improve the soil quality and upsurge the crop yield. There are more upcoming products that will be proved as a boon for the soil, farms, and farmers.